Prox SBP 604

PROX ® SBP 604, by Synthron, is a new Core-shell based cationic emulsion specially designed for formulation of stain blocking primers. Waterborne primers based on PROX ® SBP 604 present excellent blocking properties against stains such as ink markers, coffee, nicotine, oily stains, etc.

Information obtained from:

Technical characteristics: 

  • Appearance : Low viscous milky emulsion
  • Dry matter : 44 % ± 1
  • Solvent: Water
  • pH : 5,7
  • TMT : 0 °C


Schematic mechanism: Stains could be classified by chemical affinity: Hydrophilic or solvent soluble structure.
Solvent soluble components could be extracted by solvent borne systems, and then migrate into the film, bringing coloration to the paint, such as oil stains, wood resins, smoke component, tars. Using a waterborne primer creates a barrier to those components.
Hydrophilic structure components have mainly alkaline affinity, such as foods stains, coffee, tannins and their alkaline salts, inks; they are incompatible with acidic pH. Using cationic water based binder displaying an acid pH to formulate primers will block the possible extraction and migration on those components into the film.
Because of its specific cationic chemistry and Core-shell design, stain blocker preparations based on PROX ® SBP 604 have excellent blocking properties to shield stains such as waterborne inks and markers, coffee, nicotine or oil.
PROX ® SBP 604 should be used as main resin in order to prepare stain blocker primer paints.
A VOC-free binder, PROX ® SBP 604 is especially recommended for primers for interior decorative applications, such as coatings for bedrooms, kitchens. It displays an excellent water resistance.

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